Men's Division 1 National Champion:

Year Team Record Head Coach Outstanding Player
1936 Notre Dame 22-2-1 George Keogan John Moir, F


Rules changes:  No offensive player can remain in the free-throw lane, with or without the ball, for longer than three seconds. Following a successful free throw, the team scored upon shall put the ball in play at the end of the court where the goal was scored.

Basketball played for first time as an official Olympic sport. United States defeats Canada 19-8, for gold medal in Berlin.


Bob Kessler, Purdue**

Paul Nowak, Notre Dame**

Hank Luisetti, Stanford**

Vern Huffman, Indiana**

* John Moir, Notre Dame**

Ike Poole, Arkansas**

Bill Kinner, Utah**

William Nash, Columbia

Robert Egge, Washington

Norman Iler, Washington & Lee

* Player of the Year

** Consensus All-American