Over the past 50 years Iíve maintained an unabiding love for KU basketball.  Back in the early 90ís I published a KU basketball newsletter, primarily to provide Des Moines-area KU fans with information.  With the advent of the Internet, and consequently the general availability of current information, I quit producing the newsletter for several years.  

For many years,  Iíve been working on collecting Jayhawk basketball statistics from 1897 on, with the idea that they might be published in book form.  However, the amount of information I have would fill several large volumes, so I decided to publish these data on this web site, combined with other data Iíve collected on the Iowa and Drake basketball teams.

HOOPSZONE.net presents both current and historical information on KU, Iowa, and Drake.  It will always be a Ďwork in progressí, as I constantly add information.  Eventually, HOOPSZONE.net will contain data on over 100 seasons and thousands of players and coaches of these three teams, representing the best of the Big 12, Big 10, and Missouri Valley Conference.

A relatively unique feature of HOOPSZONE.net is the use of Martin Manley's Production Statistics, which allows for comparisons between years, teams and players, because they use a variety of statistics on both the good things basketball players and teams do (scoring, rebounding, assists, for example), as well as those things that they don't do well (such as turnovers, missed shots, etc.).  For a more complete discussion of these statistics click here.

Enjoy  -- and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.  

This web site is truly a labor of love and will be my favorite toy for the rest of my life.

Ken Johnson (MS KU '70, Ph. D.)