Hometown: Aurora, Il  (East HS)  Brother of Bob Kivisto '71

Tom Kivisto

CATEGORY   TOTAL   1972 1973 1974
YEAR     So. Jr. Sr.
HEIGHT     6'3 6'2 6'2
WEIGHT     175 175 180
Games Played/Started 82/   26/26 26/ 30/30
Points 684   232 224 228
   Per Game 8.3   8.9 8.6 7.6
Rebounds 251   85 74 92
   Per Game 3.1   3.3 2.9 3.1
FG: Attempts 645   229 206 210
       Made 260   77 91 92
       Percent 40.3   33.6 44.7 43.8
FT: Attempts 256   125 69 62
       Made 164   78 42 44
       Percent 64.0   62.4 60.9 71.0
Production Points/Game    
Production Points/Minute    

1972:  Lettered, Starter.

1973:  Lettered, Starter.

1974:  Lettered, Starter, Captain, All-Big 8

Kivistos' father dies at 81

Saturday, February 8, 2003

Ernie Kivisto, father of former Kansas University basketball players Tom Kivisto and Bob Kivisto, died Wednesday in Tulsa, Okla. He was 81.

The elder Kivisto was a highly successful high school basketball coach in suburban Chicago and in Arizona. His two sons both played on NCAA Final Four teams at Kansas -- Bob in 1971 and Tom in 1974.

Tom Kivisto, who lives in Tulsa, is married to the former Julie Lienhard, a daughter of Bill Lienhard who played on KU's 1952 NCAA championship team.

Article about Bob and Tom Kivisto's father

Kivisto Proud in Oklahoma:

Tom Kivisto played for Owens from 1971 to '74, and, like Owens, lives in Tulsa where he is in the oil business.

"I am so proud to live in Oklahoma and feel the (KU) tradition," Kivisto said. "I have gone to the playgrounds and kids there say, ‘Hey, old man, where'd you play ball?' I say, ‘Kansas,' and they say, ‘Gimme five.'''

Kivisto's father Ernie, a famed Illinois and Arizona high school coach, died last week. "My dad always said basketball is a game of innovation and teamwork," Kivisto said.

Kivisto is married to a daughter of Lawrence's Bill Lienhard, a member of the 1952 NCAA championship team. "The players today talk about the thrill running out of the tunnel onto the court," said Lienhard, a retired banker. "We ran from Robinson Gym to Hoch (Auditorium) sometimes in a snowstorm." The Jayhawks didn't move into Allen Fieldhouse until 1955.

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