Zo new co-host of Rock Chalk Sports Talk

Alonzo Jamison


By Julie Jamison

Posted May 28, 2003


Former basketball player Alonzo Jamison talks with Phog.net about sports radio, Veggie Tales, and that game against Duke.

Alonzo Jamison played for three seasons under Coach Roy Williams and was a starter on the 1991 Final Four team. He finished his career at Kansas ranked fourth in career steals with 175 and tenth in assists.

Alonzo Jamison debuted last night on Rock Chalk Sports Talk with Brian Hanni. The daily radio show runs on ESPN radio on 1320 KLWN from 4:00 - 6:00. Jamison is replacing another former Jayhawk player, Brett Ballard. Brett took a job working for Coach Self's staff in the men's basketball office.

Phog.net: Why did you want to do Rock Chalk Sports Talk?

Zo: I listened when Brett was on the show. I really like the way Brian and Brett covered all sports. It is a great program and I am excited to be involved with it and with Phog.net.

Phog.net: What will you bring to the show?

Zo: I hope to bring my own brand of humor. I think once the audience figures it out, they will like it. I have a dry sense of humor.

Phog.net: How was the first day? Any mishaps?

Zo: No, they broke me in pretty well. It was good.

Phog.net: Now, you will be checking in at Phog as well?

Zo: Yes, Iíll be in the premium forum some and answering questions for a mail bag feature.

Phog.net: Great. You know what is next. Are you ready for the Phog Five?

Zo: Okay.

Phog.net: Do you golf?

Zo: Yes.

Phog.net: Are you any good?

Zo: No. (laugh) At least I am honest though. Let me put it this way Ė I get my moneyís worth.

Phog.net: What is the last CD you bought?

Zo: It has been a while. A Veggie Tales CD for my kids.

Phog.net: Kids? How many and how old?

Zo: Three girls. I have an eight year old and twin four year olds.

Phog.net: Twins?

Zo: The oldest has always helped a lot. She is a little mama.

Phog.net: What is one of your secret vices?

Zo: I watch Justice League on Cartoon Network.

Phog.net: Under any circumstances would you consider leaving Rock Chalk Sports Talk to do a Chapel Hill based radio show?

Zo: No, no, I donít think so. I love Coach. But my loyalty lies with the Jayhawks.

Phog.net: Okay, last one. The big question - Kansas vs Duke in the 1991 NCAA championship game. You recall the game?

Zo: Yeah, reporters donít usually ask me about that.

Phog.net: Iím no reporter. So the question isÖdid Christian Laettner ever attempt to fondle you at any point during the game?

Zo: (laugh) Not that I know of. I have the tape of that game but I have never been able to get the entire way through. Now maybe I have a reason to watch it.

Phog.net: Let us know, will you. Thanks Alonzo,

Zo: Thank you.