Cheering for Roy

By Gary Bedore,, April 6, 2009

Former KU guard Ryan Robertson, who played for Roy Williams-coached KU teams from 1995 to ’99, said he’ll be rooting for the Tar Heels against Michigan State tonight.

Robertson was in San Antonio last year cheering wildly for his Jayhawks during the NCAA semifinal victory over Carolina and title victory over Memphis.

“I was just thinking about last year and how everybody in the media was asking us (Jayhawks who played for Williams), ‘Who are you rooting for, your alma mater or coach Williams?’ Clearly I was rooting for my alma mater,” Robertson said.

“Now this year, since we are not there, I’m cheering for North Carolina. I think it’s a good illustration of what we tried to tell everybody last year: We want them (Heels) to win every single game unless it’s against Kansas. We want them to win every recruiting battle, unless it’s against Kansas for a player we want.

“I want Kansas to be better than North Carolina,” Robertson added. “But tomorrow, I’m rooting for my ex-coaches and friends (like Jerod Haase and C.B. McGrath) who are there, now.”

Robertson said he didn’t know of any of his former KU teammates who’ll be at the game tonight.

“That doesn’t have anything to do with coach Williams. It’s more about Detroit,” Robertson said of the Final Four site, which is forecast to be hit by a snowstorm today.

“I called coach Williams before the tournament and said I’d be watching and wished him luck. I remember when I was a player, right before the NCAA Tournament, coach Williams would say (to media), ‘I got calls today from 15 of my former players,’ and he’d name them all. I said, ‘OK, I guess that’s what you do when you are an alum.’

“So I usually call him before the season starts, right before the tournament and the Final Four.”

Robertson is the guy who took the heat from North Carolina fans for pinning a KU sticker on Williams 10 minutes before the national title game. Williams sat in the KU section and rooted for the Jayhawks.

One problem with the story: Robertson didn’t pin the sticker on Williams.

“My friend from Wichita (a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch) said, ‘Here coach, put this on,’’’ Robertson recalled. “There was so much hustle and bustle with the crowd, I waved at coach Williams and left. Next thing I know, I look at the big board, and there he is with the sticker on. I didn’t know if my friend slapped it on him or coach Williams put it on.

“Then coach mentioned he got the sticker from me. All the Web sites and blogs in North Carolina were blaming me. They were all up in arms that I did it. I didn’t do it,” Robertson added with a laugh.

Mrs. Mizzou

Robertson, who is regional director for marketing for The Hartford in St. Charles, Mo., had some interesting family news to report Sunday night.

His wife, Andrea, recently won the title, “Mrs. Missouri America 2009” held in Branson, Mo., and has qualified for the upcoming Mrs. America pageant.

“I tell all my friends I’m ‘Mr. Missouri’ now,” Robertson said.